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On the road to Narra…bri

Following a brief visit to Brisbane for diner and breakfast with some dear friends, we headed back inland for a scenic trip to Narrabri. On the way we encountered Australia’s (and I assume the world’s) first windmill for pumping water from the artesian basin. The road from Toowoomba to Narrabri is very picturesque. […]

Way out west where the rain don’t fall

In early January Krust continued her habit of greening drought stricken pastures. We were expecting the Charleville leg of our trip to be around 40 degrees, dusty and dry. However, the minute that we arrived the rain started to fall. For the next 4 days it rained every day. The first […]

A Religious New Year…

We attended the 2007 new year celebrations with a bunch of nuns….. well kind of. The theme of the new years celebration that we attended was communism, as a result a group of our friends decided that it would fit with the theme to attend as nuns. Vietnamese Nuns.
A big thanks to Pete […]

Memories, Sweet Memories

Thanks to Krust’s parents and a gift voucher from my previous employer we have acquired a new camera to document our movements over the next few years!
So I welcome to the luggage family an Olympus camera. If you are a camera junkie a snap shot of the features include:

7.1 mega pixels
10x zoom
2.5′ LCD display
1Gb […]

The first entry

Well I thought it would be appropriate to make the first entry on our travel blog on the 1st day of the 1st month of 2007, which I missed thanks to a lack of internet access. Anyway, I guess you could say that our trip to London has already begun. We left Melbourne […]