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Playa Del Carmen

How did Phuket in Thailand get to Mexico?  Well I am not quite sure.
Anyway, Playa Del Carmen is the fastest-growing city in the world.  While the place has a serious case of the tourist pox (the cultural equivalent of smallpox) the beaches and beautiful city setting make a visit worthwhile.  While we were there, we […]

The Real Cancun

Not that I have seen the movie but the obvious question appears to be:  Is Cancun the real Cancun?
Well yes and no.  If you are looking for non-stop parties, mammoth hotels blocking beach access and loud and obnoxious tourists, the thin strip of coast called the´Hotel Zone´ would surely satisfy.  If, on the other hand, you […]

A Change in Plans!

While in TJ we decided on a whim to visit a travel agent to see if we could get a reasonably priced flight to the Yucatan peninsula and thereby cut out some of the large bus journeys from our trip and head straight for southern Mexico.  Somehow (with nearly no knowledge of Spanish) we managed […]