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Chaipas 3: Tuxtla and Cañon Del Sumidero

Our last two days in Chiapas were spent in the state’s capital (Tuxtla Gutierrez).  The guide-book’s description of the city is not particularly appealing, but on the contray, we found a lively and vibrant city.  At night the town’s squares were filled with people dancing to live salsa music, socialising and generally enjoying the pleasant […]

Chaipas 2: San Cristobal and San Juan Chamula

San Cristobal
After a somewhat winding, weaving and sickening journey thought the mountains from Palenque, we arrived in San Cristobal de Las Casas.
San Cristobal is a beautiful relic of Mexico’s colonial era.  Largely built and governed independently of the rest of the region, San Cristobal has a unique charm. 

In addition to having a fantastic street-scape, the […]