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The Lost Mole - Found

Well, I have finally found what I think is the 7th mole of Oaxaca:  the amarillo mole!  Not that I know what it is. 
While I originally thought that mole was a stu-ish dish I have since found that the mole sauce can be found on everything from tortilla based pizzas to cheese with mole negro […]

2 Bus Tickets, 30 Machetes and an “El Che” Tee-shirt

Now I am scared at the best of times, but the bus ride from Tuxtla in Chaipas to Oaxaca city in Oaxaca was enough to raise sheer terror for about 30 minutes (unnecessary terror as it turns out).
Basically we (our bus) came across a large section of stopped traffic on the highway.  The bus driver (in […]