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Mexico City

With four days to spare, we headed off to Mexico city. In a bizarre coincidence, the hotel that we ended up staying in was exactly the same as the one that I had stayed at 6 years earlier. The deja-vu didn’t end there! We also ended up with a bout of food poisoning, just […]

Monte Alban

While in Oaxaca City, we took the opportunity to visit the ancient Zapotec / Mixtec city of Monte Alban, which is situated on a mountain just outside town.  Monte Alban dates back to 400 BC, and by 200 BC, had an estimated population of 17,200.  It is amazing to think that the top of the mountain […]

Oaxaca City

Oaxaca City was definitely one of the highlights of the trip!  Architecturally, the city resembles a 16th or 17th century Spanish town, and the majority of the town centre still maintains in this style.  One particularly interesting building is the Dominican Cathedral. 
The interior of the building is elaborately decorated from floor to ceiling with carvings.  Apparently […]