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The Move to Exotic Colchester

So we haven’t actually posted anything about where we are living and what we are doing here! So here goes…………..
It’s funny the way things turn out. After moving to London from Melbourne we decided live in Colchester, which is in Essex county (North East of London). Why are we in Colchester? Glad you asked. Basically, […]

Day Tripping to St. Albans

Before starting the daily grind of working life, I took the opportunity to do a week-day day-trip to St. Albans – a pretty town just north of London that was first founded by the Romans in the 40s (40AD that is – old skool). The town is famous for its huge cathedral, which began […]

A Night in Heaven

On the 8th of March, I was a very lucky lady indeed, as I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a Nine Inch Nails concert at the Brixton Academy.

Me. Trent. The Band. Several thousand other punters. A cracking venue. Gratuitous use of feedback. Needless to say, it made for […]

London Calling

So here we are in London. Actually we arrived quite a while ago now, but have been so busy exploring, finding jobs and a place to live, dealing with British bureaucracy and catching up with friends to post any blog entries…until now!
Now I’ve kind of forgotten what we did three months ago, but here […]