Thongs in Venice

Today we walked around Santa Monica and Venice Beach - two of L.A’s beach suburbs - which made for a most interesting day!

Particularly along the Vence Beach boardwalk, we encountered a very colourful collection of characters, street art, and interesting wares for sale (including a guy cycling along the boardwalk wearing only a black leather g-string - I’m not sure which category he fitted into). We even came across a few hip-hop artists attempting to sell their sweet rhymes to anyone who would stop to take a listen (”I’m ‘a tell you what time it is”…). We also visited a fantastic cafe specialising in vegetarian, vegan and organic food called Real Food Daily - payback for JFiles insisting that we visit a steakhouse the night before claiming to have “the best ribs in the USA”.

After a day of walking, munching and enjoying the vibe, we were very lucky to see a beautiful sunset into the sea.

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