A Fine Cenote

While in Tulum, we took the opportunity to do some exploring and snorkeling in some of the many cenotes in the Yucatan. Cenotes (pronounced ´see-NOTE-ys´, not, embarrassingly, ´KEY-notes´) are a series of underground rivers created by cracks which have formed just beneath the limestone surface of the huge volcanic crater on the Yucatan Peninsula. There are around 3,000 cenotes in the region. The significance of cenotes in Mayan cosmology have are been the subject of a study at the National Institute of Anthropology and History, based in Mexico City. It is thought the Maya believed that sacrificing someone to the cenotes as an offering to the gods caused them to avoid the nine stages of the underworld (Xibala) and go directly to heaven.

Exploring the cenotes was really amazing - like swimming around in a magical underwater land! We swam through little tunnels into large caverns with beautiful above-water and under-water limestone formations, with pretty little fish swimming among the formations. Here we are in one of the caverns:

All in all, we had a cracking time in some fine cenotes.

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