Chocolate Chicken

Have you ever wondered if there is a main course that you can cook involving chocolate? Well I am happy to report that I have found one! Most people have heard of the famous Mexican Mole with its combination of up to 30 ingredients. In fact there are at least 7 types of Mole from Oaxaca alone:

  • Mole negro (black mole)
  • Mole colorado (red mole)
  • Mole coloradito (light red mole)
  • Mole verde (green mole)
  • Mole manchu-manteles
  • Mole Poblano
  • And a seventh that seems to be mentioned everywhere…. but I haven´t seen it yet.

A few days ago I decided that it was time to try one of these famous dishes. So I ordered the ¨Mole of the day¨ (always a dangerous move). As it turns out, I think it was a pollo mole negro with extra chocolate! Basically, the dish tasted more like a desert then a main. The sauce would have tasted just as good on top of ice cream as it would have on chicken.

Anyway I will save a second shot at the disk for Oaxaca city in few days time. Lets see how the mole pans out in the mole capital!

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