Chaipas 3: Tuxtla and Cañon Del Sumidero

Our last two days in Chiapas were spent in the state’s capital (Tuxtla Gutierrez).  The guide-book’s description of the city is not particularly appealing, but on the contray, we found a lively and vibrant city.  At night the town’s squares were filled with people dancing to live salsa music, socialising and generally enjoying the pleasant weather.

During the day we visited the Cañon (canyon) Del Sumidero.  In the canyon, sheer cliffs rise from the floor to a height of about 1000m. 

Actually the Canyon system reminded me a little of the sounds in New Zealand. Circling above the Canyon, you could see flocks of eagles searching for fish and small birds to feed on.  On the banks of the lake (in the bottom of the canyon) crocodiles, cormorants and other wildlife can be spotted on occasion.

The lake in the canyon system provides water for a large hydro electricity dam that supplies a significant amount of electricity to the Chiapas region.

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