Zaachila and Lord Nine Flowers

While in Oaxaca we visited the village of Zaachila, a village with a mixed Aztec and Mixtec population.  On the day we visited, the weekly market was on. 

The morning before we left for the village, we were lucky to meet a couple from Illinois (Sarah and Ben), who we visited the village with.    The trip from Oaxaca to Zaachila was nothing short of entertaining.    I was sitting in the front of the taxi with two other people, and unfortunately there was only room for two.  The result was that I had to hover six inches off the seat for the entire trip!

Anyway back to Zaachila.  Zaachilia has a small burial site of Mixtec origin.  Indiana Jones style, we descended into the tombs of the previous rulers.  To our surprise, we discovered the tomb of Lord Nine Flowers (I am not kidding, that was his name).  I can only presume that Nine Flowers’ enemies hid with fear when his name was spoken.

Later that afternoon we visited another village:  El Tule.

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