Mexico City

With four days to spare, we headed off to Mexico city. In a bizarre coincidence, the hotel that we ended up staying in was exactly the same as the one that I had stayed at 6 years earlier. The deja-vu didn’t end there! We also ended up with a bout of food poisoning, just like I had 6 years earlier. While we are not entirely sure what made us sick, I am fairly certain that some of the corn that we ate from a local street vendor was to blame (though very tasty).

As a result of our need to be in close proximity to our hotel bathroom, we were a little restricted in what we could see, but still managed to fit in a few sights. Mexico City’s Zocolo (city square) is a magnificent sight – it’s apparently one of the world’s largest city squares.

The square was built following the Spanish occupation of the area. In fact much of what is now here was constructed out of materials from an ancient Aztec temple that existed on the same site, and was leveled by the Spanish when they arrived.

At the end of each day, there is a lowering of the flag ceremony in which the enormous flag in the middle of the Zocolo is lowered by a 150 or so soldiers…… quite a sight.

Actually, the city’s historical centre is quite a strange sight thanks to the fact that most of it is currently sinking. The result of this is that some streets appear wonky and some buildings are slightly bent/leaning. I just hope that the government has enough money to maintain the city once the problem starts to cause serious structural issues. One hint for them….spend less on guns and more on infrastructure.

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