The Move to Exotic Colchester

So we haven’t actually posted anything about where we are living and what we are doing here! So here goes…………..

It’s funny the way things turn out. After moving to London from Melbourne we decided live in Colchester, which is in Essex county (North East of London). Why are we in Colchester? Glad you asked. Basically, Krust scored a job at a children’s rights organisation based at the University of Essex, and while Colchester is commutable from London, the university campus isn’t - it’s outside town near the fishing village of Wivenhoe. The campus is quite pretty (if you ignore the large black concrete residential buildings), with rolling greens, several small lakes and lots of wildlife, including several attack-geese who once mugged a student Krust used to work with (read all about it here in The Colchester Gazette).

Colchester is the oldest recorded town in England, having been continuously inhabited for around 3000 years. When the Romans arrived in AD 43 the town (then called Camulodunum) was made the capital of the Roman empire in England. During this time, the Romans built significant infrastructure including a large city wall, a stadium, fort and large temple complexes.

The Norman castle, which is build on top of a Roman fort, has the largest keep in England.


Strangely, part of the town has an old Dutch feeling to it! This is the result of Dutch immigration during the 16th Century. The Dutch went on to build a large section of the town in a wonky Tudor style.

During the Victorian era the town underwent another set of significant changes including the construction of many Victorian era buildings including the very impressive town gate.

Our first impressions are that during the day, the town normally has a rather pleasant laid-back and friendly vibe, but unfortunately, on Friday and Saturday nights, it has all the tasteful sophistication of a Pussycat Dolls video clip.

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