Ode to Visitors, Part Two

Last month saw the arrival of a group of much-anticipated and very rocking visitors from Australia and Poland:  Mange, Kathleen, Gosia and Marciek.  Unfortunately, JF and I were both working during the week, but did manage a few wonderful catch-up sessions in Brick Lane, Soho and exotic Colchester.  The week culminated in a night of dancing to sweet beats, as Marciek (DJ Polastri) had scored a DJ slot at one of London’s major clubs.  His set made for a cracking time!  Alas, somehow I managed not to take any photos (must have been too busy chatting and dancing).

We were also very lucky to get a preview of Kathleen’s new demo CD, which she has recently recorded.  It is sublime, and you can check out some of the tracks on her myspace site.

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