Rabbits…Plinkety Plinkety Plink

Sorry about the obscure Tori Amos reference (I think Krust has had quite an influence on my musical persuasions). Just outside Colchester, there are quite a few little historic towns and villages and nice walks to do. A few weekends ago, we hooked up with Krust’s sister Sharon and ventured away from the protective city walls of Colchester and into the countryside.

First stop Wivenhoe
Wivenhoe backs onto a river that flows into the Ocean. The town has a ship building and fishing history. A great place to break out into a fine sea shanty!

Dedham, Essex / Suffolk Border
We came across the town of Dedham which is famous for its Tudor style buildings and village atmosphere.

Walking in the meadows
On the outskirts of Dedham, a short walking trail led us across a number of farms and small hills. The scenery was beautiful.

I wasn’t entirely sure what the farmers were growing but I can only assume it was rabbits!

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