The (late) Christmas card - part 1

A very belated seasons greetings! For the festive season, We decided that a trip to continent was in order, otherwise we would have spent the whole of the break in Colchester, thanks to British rail canceling the train services for the entire holiday period…. how nice of them…. and then they go and raise the cost of travel. Sounds like a good job to me (stuff it up and get paid more). Anyway I digress.

The adventure began with a Eurostar trip to Brussels followed by a short train trip to Bruges.

First on our agenda was a trip into town for a stickybeak and something to eat. Surprisingly the water in the canals was completely frozen, which added a nice wintery touch.

The town square featured a number of christmas markets and an outdoor ice skating rink.

More importantly some of the market stalls were serving freshly cooked waffles with a chocolate sauce…mmmmm. After Bruges it was off to Paris for Christmas.

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