Sunn O))) - A Weekend To Remember

During the last month of 2007 Krust, myself, Melissa and Dylan headed off to the nightmare before Christmas festival in the beach paradise of Minehead (anyone who has visited Minehead in winter will understand exactly what I mean by paradise).

As is often the case in the UK the Journey turned out to be an epic trek across a small distance (w paved roads). The 300 odd miles took us over 8 hours of driving. Anyway it was good fun.

The festival was curated this year by Portishead, who played a fantastic set on both of the nights we were there.

But the real surprise was the horror of Sunn O))) with their post apocalyptic drone metal. At this point it is worth reminding people what ‘apocalyptic’ means. I like the following two definitions:

  1. Prophesying the complete destruction of the world
  2. Resembling the end of the world: Momentous or Catastrophic

…. Anyone who has seen this band will understand what I am saying. The next picture should help to fill in the blanks for everyone else.

Anyway the weekend was fantastic fun…..and we even got to enjoy a session in the water park.

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