The (late) Christmas card - part 2

We spent Christmas in Paris, which was lit-up with festive lights - tres jolie! Krust, Shaz & I were lucky enough to catch up with a mate of mine from University, who joined us for the day.

After spending Christmas day in Paris we headed off to Colmar, which is west of Paris near the German border. People rave about Bruges but I reckon Colmar is at least as picturesque. The only thing it lacks is the Belgian beer.

Colmar has a distinctly German influenced architecture. The buildings have exposed beams and are colourfully decorated.

The town becomes even more spectacular at night.

The Christmas markets were also on while we were there…it was a pity we had already decorated our Christmas tree!

We also decided on a short side trip to Strasbourg. The Cathedral in Strasbourg and its astronomical clock is without a doubt one of the most amazing buildings that I have ever seen.

After Strasbourg we headed off on a full day journey to Amsterdam.

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