When it rains it pours

So here we are in Tahiti/French Polynesia, possibly the wettest country on the planet….although we did choose to visit during the rainy season. Our Tahiti sojourn was defined by water: storms, being rained on, swimming, beautiful reefs, ferry rides in stormy seas. We did get enough reprieve from the rain to do some snorkelling
Snorking in Tahiti

and cycling (although soon after we set out we set out, a brief torrential downpour made our trip feel a bit more adventurous).
We cycled around two of the lagoons on Mo’orea, an island just off Tahiti. The countryside was beautiful – lush green mountains, beautiful clear turquoise water, and the ubiquitous coconut tree…tres exotique!
Lush Tahiti

Swinging in Tahiti

The next day, we left Tahiti with very sore legs and an empty wallet (a tres expensive travel destination)!

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